Nothing is ever completely wrong, my dear. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. - Brida, Paulo Coelho
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[W]ords evaporate like water in a dish
leaving you with a sense of something meant,
but not the memory of what was said,
or how, or when.
Things stay as they are (call them facts)
even with the names you learn to give them;
poems (you tell yourself) are so many ways
of naming things you’ve seen
once and may not see again,
except for tricks of remembering;
for words forget themselves
and move among the things you cannot name,
and what you know by touch and tact
seems merely a vanishing thing.
Vinay Dharwadker, from Words and Things” The Bloodaxe Book of Contemporary Indian Poets (Bloodaxe Books, 2009)

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you know when you wanna write about something that moved you deeply but you can’t do it justice every time you try, so you just don’t? i hate that so much

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